Friday , August 19 2022

A mysterious form of communication was discovered in the brain


The Ohio horses found an incredible, even unknown way of brain-catching communication that has stagnated the nare community.

Source: B92,

Photo: YakobChuk / depositphotos

Photo: YakobChuk / depositphotos

Despite the great scientific discoveries, the brain remains a mystery of the mystery, and now the nails of the University of Cleveland, a new mechanism of communication in the brain was discovered.

The team announced their latest article on what they call "bein" that can "jump" over different parts of the brain.

"Although we're sleeping, the cortex and the hippocampus in the brain are the mysterious neuronal wave". We know about these waves for a long time, but no-one knows their role until and no-one believes they can reproduce spontaneously, "said a strander from the University of Ohio, Dominik Durand.

The team succeeded in emulating communication through a fully sliced ​​fashionable fabric, while the separate parts remain in the surrounding area.

"We and all the scientists that we have been with so far, it was a great moment," said the researchers.

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