Wednesday , January 20 2021

"Zounouon" or "chance" Cristalline to enter the music

More than an album, our new musical genre has just launched Cristalline, Burkinabe's artist living in Ghana, on March 29, 2019 in Ouagadougou. Entitled "Zounouon", "luck" in the native vernacular, there is a musical jewel of 10 songs sung, dagara, French and English.

Apart from her reputation, her artistic qualities will not precede Christine Somé into a career as a musician. His status is not devoid of a mother's father and his socio-economic conditions.

With this in mind, with the help of her brothers and her sisters, she goes first to Burkina Faso, then to Ghana where she settled after school.

It's already shot by a music virus, it's a piece in the Ghana showbiz, like a disc jockey, and even a radio host in Tamalé where we promote Burkina Faso's music in the country in Kwame Nkrumah.

But that didn't seem enough for her, because she enrolled in a music school to give herself a chance to master what he likes doing.

The result of this unusual journey is the album of "Zounouon", "luck" in the native dagara, a sound game of 10 songs sung, in dagara, French and English. In this work, the artist Cristalline offers, what Dag-life called, fusion music, bridging loud music and dagara music.

And this is reflected on all the titles as diverse as, among others, "Zounouon", who thinks of his daughter and every mother who gives birth for the first time, t "Love me", our invitation to the love,; Let's dance, which suggests let us decompress on dance steps.

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