Thursday , September 24 2020
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Xiaomi and Ikea are home automation and related objects


We were talking about it a few weeks ago, IKEA wanted to launch its own bulbs. It has been for several years since the package furniture collection has developed its range of home and related automation products, and the manufacturer's bulbs are particularly interesting because of their price.

And now, the brand can count on Xiaomi's support to develop its associated devices. Recently, Donovan Sung, a Chinese company product manager, announced that Ikea's associated lamps will soon be compatible with the Mi Home platform. Compliance is published on December 1, which means that those already with the Xiaomi home automation system will be able to integrate Ikea's associated bulbs and lamps to their system.

The partnership should benefit both entities: Ikea should sell its related objects easier and users will be able to find dedicated Xiaomi products to the home. In addition, the partnership could evolve over time with the production of various home automation items specifically for Ikea and is still integrating into My Home.

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