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What you need to know about coach Gabriel Heinze

The news is not yet official, but it really seems. Strongly shaking this season, Rudi Garcia should no longer be the Marseille Olympics coach deprived of the European Cup in 2019/2020. To take his place, we had presented you with a list of Marseilles elders. Among these profiles, Gabriel Heinze was among the coaches who won the most votes. Despite his past as a Parisian Saint-Germain player, Argentina had been able to be adopted by the Marseille public. Love was definitely validated by the title of a French champion won in 2010 under the orders of Didier Deschamps.

And obviously, the Olympic leadership has also thought of Heinze about Garcia's succession. Indeed, as we revealed to you that the old defender had begun to investigate the French market, t Sky Italia announced a few minutes later that interest in Marseilles for Argentina. Information has been confirmed by the technician's support to the Telam press agency. What gives a smile to the Phoenicians fans about the idea of ​​looking back at the Canebière, a character man whose reputation seems to be keeping to OM boiling environment is always sensitive to & # 39 in Argentina, what is more. But if Gabriel Heinze possibly arrives on the side lines of Orange Velodrome flowing on paper, he should try to learn more about native Crespo native training skills.

Pupil to Bielsa

After retiring from the field in 2014, Heinze has learned to build himself over the years. Since his first training in 2015 on the side of Godoy Cruz hasn't been really great. "He had experience in Godoy Cruz which was not good because he did not yet have his training diploma. So he was in an intermediate situation, he couldn't sit on the outskirts and lead his men. In addition, the results were not so good Godoy's supporters called for his departure and asked for a coach who could be on the bench., explains Maximo Randrup, journalist every day The No. Thanks to just a few games, Heinze will then rebound in the second section in 2016, in Argentina Junior Section. Club that the former Mancunian will be raised among the elite in a year before spinning in Vélez Sarsfield. Success will also enable it to communicate its working methods.

"There (in the Juniors Argentinos, ed), went very well. The team got up and revolutionized the club with its working methods. It was very detailed and had an ambitious and offensive style As well as the progress in the first section, his success was also marked by a very attractive style, similar to the style of Marcelo Bielsa, where Heinze is said to be a pupil of El Loco. all the players who talk about him describe him as a very active coach, Bielsa has a lot in common with him on and off the field, today Vélez is a team that needs a lot of intensity for the recovery and It offers a lot of offensive solutions.It's playing very vertically tcontinues Randrup. A trend confirmed by the approach of his games (which often favors a standard pattern 4-2-3-1) and the content of the training that is now known to be very intense. It is enough to listen to the portrait prepared by the journalist Capital Lucas Vitantonio to be convinced that Heinze had a pupil from Bielsa.

Heinze trusts young people

"Heinze wants a very intense squad on his games. He doesn't like wasting energy on the side of football. He makes every effort so that his initial compositions put extraordinary pressure in every sector of a game in order to finished the actions with a maximum number of players present in the cross face.There are no details left to chance and we are dedicated to his job 24 hours a day, just as he did during His career as a player, he does not assume committing himself without giving him the best of his own to reach the goal .. All training is a real tactical laboratory where we nurture passion t and the perseverance of each scientist's tactical plans. " A comparison that will necessarily benefit from a huge sound box in the Old Port, where El Loco has left an indelible mark.

Finally, a last important point in Heinze: promoting young people in a club. They are considered only masterpieces when building a project. In Vélez, Argentina is not delaying putting some frames aside if it believes it is in the interests of his team. "He also played a lot of young people. Heinze had lost an important player like Mauro Zarate, but he could replace them with young people" tadds Randrup. A new and powerful debate over formation as an OM after putting the training at the heart of Frank McCourt's project. We have to wait to see if the Heinze method can be used and continue over time. As a reminder, Marcelo Bielsa had placed OM at the top of the Ligue 1 until the winter of 2014, before his workforce ended on the knees and were deprived of a podium, which is used by El Loco methods.

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