Tuesday , April 20 2021

“We have noted that fires are happening again in Touba and Kaolack markets”

It was on top of a large delegation that the leader of the Bokk Gis-Gis Alliance on Monday descended into the rubble of the Ocass market in Touba, just days after the devastating fire that destroyed hundreds of canteens. Pape Diop will be sorry for the huge losses recorded, before calling on the Province of Senegal. “The damage is huge. The market situation in Senegal calls for deep reflection on our behalf. This fire at the Ocass market in Touba is the last in a long series. The State should consider eliminating the These fires are completely destroyed. the Senegalese efforts “.

The former President of the National Assembly noted that the fire repeatedly destroyed the markets in Touba and Kaolack. Therefore, it will want to start the recovery program and modernize the markets so sung by the authorities. However, he noted, the state could be fishing as Senegal is rocked by a Covid-19 pandemic that has caused an economic collapse in that country.

In this context where it has to find solutions, Pape Diop will propose establishing a private company that will be responsible for building, restoring and modernizing markets. “This company, with a State guarantee, could not only borrow money from Senegalese banks, but also raise money on the bond market to deal with this situation. Similarly, this company could come to lend a helping hand. the traveling traders and helping them get a sedentary trade “.

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