Tuesday , August 16 2022

Wade announces that he will not vote on Sundays and advise operators (who want) to vote for Sonko, Idy or PUR


Former President Abdoulaye Wade will not vote next Sunday. It refuses the possibility of participating in what it defines as "election simulation".

"In these circumstances, I do not say I will not vote on February 24, 2019, and I ask the party's operators, the condolences, not to take part in this mock election," said Pope Sopi "in the document.
However, Wade does not ban his executives and some Pds to vote for three of the four anti-party candidates. "I can understand that we all believe that they will be able to defeat Macky SALL by supporting one of the anti-party candidates (Idrissa SECK, Ousmane SONKO or Issa SALL), even if this is not the case of the party We will meet again after the election to make the assessment and better our arms, "he added.

Fortunately that Macky Sall has already led the vote, the one who called the Senegal down in the elections to burn the electoral file, and returned to his burning fears, thanks to the interference of some religious leaders in the country.

"I make the concession, following the urgent request of religious leaders and adjoining heads, to resist, all firmly but peacefully, what seems to be a thorough starter election But no one should doubt that, when all Senegal understands that Macky SALL's only incredible joke is to organize his re-election, the sovereign people will stand to organize a real presidential election, "he said.

To stay in its logic, Abdoulaye Wade reminds the same thing that "PDS has not changed an option and can not give any credit to a vote that is organized under these conditions and will not be complicated in Violence & voting, citizens that their "president" will certainly not have any legality and can never be recognized. It launches a serious appeal to prevent a process that can not lead Senegal to disorder only. "


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