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Virgin River Season 2: A successful return to Mel and Jack? Our judgment

After a year of waiting, season 2 of Virgin River has landed on Netflix! Did Mel and Jack make a successful comeback? Discover our verdict of the first few episodes!

In December 2019, the servants happily discovered a brand new series on Netflix. Entitled Virgin River, the most sentimental, but not only, can be found charming by this romantic series mixing many plays. As the leading duo, Mel and Jack, gradually fell in love, the nurse made a big decision. He left Virgin River to return to Los Angeles, after discovering that Charmaine was pregnant with baby Jack. The love triangle was back in this season 2 of Virgin River, aired this Friday, November 27 on Netflix. But then, what happened? Did the rest meet our expectations? Melty editorial offers you verdict of the first episodes while avoiding spoilers as much as possible! But one thing is for sure, the series is to be watched without moderation!

A heartbreaking return!
A heartbreaking return! – Credit (s): Netflix

The first episode of this season 2 of Virgin River announced the color. Mel has ended up where she feels most comfortable, in Los Angeles and especially at Mark’s grave. She managed to let go of her emotions and let her broken heart speak. This scene was heartbreaking especially when he told him: “kiss our little girl for me.” To her disappointment, Mel’s contract with Doc did not include a love triangle clause, so she was forced to return to the romantic crime scene to complete her year at the clinic. Of course, one of her first patients is none other than Charmaine, who is having difficulty in her pregnancy. If she had planned to avoid Jack and his (former) girlfriend as much as possible, it was a failure and he was to be expected.

Mel in the middle of a love triangle!
Mel in the middle of a love triangle! – Credit (s): Netflix

If this first episode of season 2 is from Virgin River particularly upsetting and setting the bar very high, the sequence is full of small dramas that prove that these new episodes are much darker than the previous ones. Between Mel’s assault, the return of an abusive husband and murder, the people of Virgin River are not at the end of their surprise. Plus, the chemistry between Mel and Jack is undeniable and the duo makes sparks. Moreover, the temptation between the two is far too strong and draws the nurse. Whatever, the inhabitants of this quiet little town are always there to point their noses at other stories, which obviously spice up the series. These first episodes of season 2 of Virgin River it blew us away, and if you didn’t know what to watch in late November, you’ve got the answer!

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