Tuesday , August 9 2022

Vetcho Lolas's relationship strikes her sister: The artist denies her sister's mom


In a video that was distributed on social networks on Monday, February 18, the woman with the magical face of the artist Vetcho Lolas accused that she presented her brother so that she had beaten her. In hospital care of the place, the artist promises to ask forgiveness for elderly on his Facebook page.

"Act as you want it to be very normal. I understand, I guess your parrot again and also to my family. But, tell them, say Dj Kerozen thanks for my care today , someone else who pays my care is in the hospital where I lie. Thanks to a wonderful child, I will restore and ask forgiveness to all the people who have been in the hospital. I have to hurt them. My sister will be forgiven when I leave hospital, "he promised.

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Following on, Vetcho Lolas has learned his supporters that he is very ill in these terms: "I currently have a heart problem and I have to surgery. Thank you Kerozen for your gesture today, thanks to Gadoukou y star too ".

Reality or Coup of Zig when he certainly becomes aware of her sister's video audience on social networks? At the moment, the beautiful expert presents himself as someone who is in a poor shape that deserves help. We will come back to it.

Roxane Ouattara

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