Tuesday , March 2 2021

USSD Code Liberalization by the AMRTP: Business opportunity for economic operators!

To inform economic operators for displacing the USSD code (supplementary service for unstructured data), president of the Malian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communications and Jobs (AMRTP), Cheick Modibo Nimaga held a briefing at headquarters It's structured on Thursday morning, November 22. At the event, the presence of members and board of directors and several AMRTP operators, including the executive secretary, Elhadj Sékou Ascofaré. According to the AMRTP President, for access to the code, the fee rate is set at 1000,000 FCFA.

This main conference was mainly marked by two peaks. This is the preliminary word of the president of the AMRTP and the PowerPoint presentation of the AMRTP executive secretary.

"Given our current digital environment and financial inclusion, we feel it's a liberalization time for this code so that other value-added providers / providers could access it," said Nimaga Regulator. start his short intervention. However, he will say that this liberalization is justified by their ambition to Mali, his youth and the potential that exists to develop telecommunications services in order to respond to citizen concerns.

In his presentation, AMRTP's executive secretary will say that the USSD * XXX * code format uses very low bandwidth. However, this code allows, he says, the option to operate features on his phone or obtain information from his mobile operator on the services provided.

Speaking about the context of this decision, he will say that this code is owned by mobile operators, global license holders in these days. However, it emphasizes, the demand for access to these resources, which has become scarce, yet strategically, is very important, especially for banks and other structures. ; n offer money and electronic payment services that favor fact inclusion. financial, currently strong and urgent.

"This monopoly situation, which is particularly damaging to competition and especially innovation, justifies the intervention of the regulator who, by decision, opens access to USSD codes, codes are considered as essential facilities Their access is essential to added value suppliers to provide innovative services, "he says, adding that this initiative is a great business opportunity for economic operators.

He also noted that the AMRTP was good before liberalization and this USSD code had conducted a study on mobile currency and digital financial inclusion with all stakeholders. The rest of the study said, of implementing recommendations, including the liberalization of access to the USSD channel. Which one, which continues, is achieved by respect of the texts governing the telecommunications sector in Mali and with the total and constructive attachment of the operators, who hold a global license by adopting & # 39; r decision N ° 18 -0045- / AMRTP on the date of 05 July 2018.

In addition, media questions focused on the size of the fee, the effect of this operation on the daily lives of Malians and the access to the code.

In response to these, it will say that the fee rate has been installed on 1000,000 FCFA. "You are already using everyday without realizing that. It is now about expanding the service to other needs," he replied. To access the code, it will say that the operator who is legally used to report to the AMRTP to complete a form and pay their fee.

By Moses Keita

Source: The Sursaut

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