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United Kingdom: Dozens of clowns overcoming church – Y Byd

Bright red nose, crack faces, colorful costumes: he collected dozens of gliders from around the world on Sunday in London to pay tribute to the British father of the modern clown, Joseph Grimaldi, who lived from 1778 to 1837.

"Promising and funny ceremony"

Big and small, their heads were covered with a bowler hat, a large bowl around their intestines or too big shoes on their feet, these clowns then went to benches at All Saints' Church , in the east of the British Capital, has decorated for the occasion with colorful balloons and heads.

This ceremony, dedicated to the most famous mimes and English clowns, is organized annually, in February, since the 1940s.

"People from Canada, Ireland, France or Scotland came" for this "dreamy and funny" ceremony to remember this story, "said one of the organizers, Bibbledy Bob, to AFP .

"There are circus clowns, theater clowns, party clowns, tramp clowns – there's a lot of glown," he said. "There are many ways to become a glown, just look at Senedd House," said the clown party.

The most popular 19th century entertainer

Some clowns even lie on monocyle, while others hold a cream card on hand.

This collection also attracted many supporters and tastes. "People stop you from signatures," says Bob Bibbledy. "There are paparazzi from all over the world."

Joseph Grimaldi, who had made his third-year-old beginner, was the most popular entertainer in the 19th century, performing in pantomime on the London stage. His face, which specifically included white, recorded collective cultural awareness. He died 58 years old in Islington, in the north of the capital.

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