Monday , January 18 2021

UFC-Que Choisir offers 12 "concrete measures" for purchasing power

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The association decided for UFC-Que Choisir users to contribute to the "big debate" by offering "twelve concrete meters" on Monday to increase the purchasing power of French.

Cancellation of increase in the loss resale threshold (SRP), extend the period of legal guarantee, regulation of fee fees … UFC-Que Choisir consumer association has decided to participate in the "big debate" in motion Monday, February 4, "twelve concrete measures" which could promote "sustainable growth in purchasing power of more than € 9 billion, or more than 320 euros".

"No additional cost to public finances" according to UFC, this set of measures aims to reduce prices by addressing various rents or market failures, "and thus" double the size of presidential publications, without pressing on public funds ".

And to quote as an example to abolish the PRS on food products, which came into effect on February 1. According to the society, who has always opposed this measure of the Food law, which was meant to help redirect farmers' income, it could move "800 million euros of savings".

Users called to sign this scheme

The "bank account number mobility", which would facilitate bank change, would create a 1.2 billion reduction in bank rates, according to UFC-Que Choisir.

The abolition of intervention fees in the case of a banking event would release 2.8 billion euros per year and the liberalization of the sale of Automobile parts of the Automobile body, which is about 415 million euros, adds to society.

Other measures: overseeing rents, extending legal warranty for products, facilitating health insurance change, apprenticeship reform of driving license …

The society suggests that users join this scheme and vote online to release "the three most urgent offers in their eyes".

Another consumer protection society, CLCV (Consumer Housing Living Environment), for its part, offers "a reduction in VAT on electricity and gas", which says it could lead to "gaining a buying power of 200 to 300 euro per annum ".

"To be effective for the benefit of the consumer, VAT relief must be relevant to products and prices whose derivation is related to a regulatory authority's decision," states the CLCV.

Since November 17, tens of thousands of yellow pisses have been protesting against the government's social and financial policies. The "big argument" must respond to this move.

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