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Twitter Co-founder leaves Board of Directors


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WASHINGTON (awp / afp) – Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter with Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, will leave the social network board at the end of the month, according to documents filed with the Police Stock Exchange & States United States.

"It's been an incredible 13 years and I'm very proud of what Twitter has done over my time with the company, and I will continue to support & # 39; the team as I move to other projects. ", Evan Williams, quoted in the document, wrote.

He continued on Twitter: "Thank you @jack and @biz for starting this crazy business with me and continue to do better."

Evan Williams had led Twitter for a few years before being covered in 2010.

Jack Dorsey, who is chair of the board and chief executive of Twitter, has launched: "your voice will be lost during the board" on the social network.

Evan Williams is the starting beginner, Odeo, who fell but allowed the group of four to find inventing and devising Twitter in 2006.

Evan Williams also, with Biz Stone, has created Medium, an online publishing platform that favors the digital society's cream. Recently, Jeff Bezos, the Amazon manager and Washington Post, made personal revelations to designate a tabloid close to Mr Trump, and he accused he wanted to stop it.

Twitter is in a difficult time and, like other social networks, it has been criticized for encouraging spreading infox or abusive and violent messages. The company has promised to make a network cleaning priority.

Beyond criticism, Twitter finds it difficult to attract new users even though 2018 marks its first year of profit.

There were only 321 million active monthly users (MAU) in the 280-character network in the last three months of 2018, down 9 million a year earlier and down 5 million thirds, ago Figures released in early February.

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