Tuesday , August 16 2022

Tupac would have spoken about emulating his own death before he was killed


The murder of American rapper Tupac Shakur has fascinated the world of music for over twenty years, and the worst theories are about his death. Former director of his record company, Suge Knight, has just relaunched one of the most popular rumors: the artist has staged his own death. According to him, Tupac had planned to emulate his death weeks before being shot in September 1996.

Suge Knight, former Tupac label manager, has relaunched the rumors of the rapper's death, shot dead in September 1996 in Los Angeles. In the documentary "American Dream / American Knightmare", which was broadcast this week on American television, he said that Tupac had made strange comments, a few weeks before his death.

"We were with each other on Maui, Hawaii. Tupac had never been there. And he started talking about staging his own death. Pac was very happy to record a last minute video clip where he died in white, if you You know what I mean. "Suge Knight here refers to the clip of the title" I Don't Happen In Cha ", shot the day before the rapper's death, where I could see him being shot and greeted in paradise, all worn in white.


The American rapper was shot in Las Vegas in September 1996 and died six days later. But many conspiracy theorists are convinced that it is a platform to allow it to leave the United States. At its peak, Tupac had also instigated his desire to disappear in the public eye – a simple statement promoting the myth that he would have emulated his own death.

In January, Suge Knight's son had already revived rumors that Tupac was still alive and about to record a new album. He even placed adverts on Instagram to find a producer who would be willing to work with him. "I need the most popular producer to work on a project for Pac (…) I'm with Pac in the studio. New pieces are coming," he wrote.

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