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Traits Fluors, the best titles for PARIS TURF


Fluorescent aim.

Fluorescent aim.

Here's the Prix Lyphard that will support beta la carte on Thursday, November 29th on the 2,500 meters of Deauville sand track. This event, which has labelled in Listed, appears to be a prey within Trais Fluors, who had other ambitions.

Resident André Fabre, Cross Fluoride (4 – Pierre-Charles Boudot) with titles at the highest level, as shown by his second place in the Jean Prat Award (Gr.I)

or his second entry in the Isfahan Awards (GrI).

In other words, he finds a commitment of choice in this main race. Without an event, it should be logical to return to the victory. This is what his co-owner Andreas Putsch hopes: " Andreas Putsch, co-owner – He went to Newmarket on October 13 with a fever in the morning. It was better not to take the least risk. It's back in order and everything is right for him … "

Others seem depressing to places. Start with Rolando (5- Mickaël Barzalona), German who has two positive results (1st a 2e) on the proposed route. He will definitely have to rely on it. Andreas Wholer rely on his / her form to play a leading role: " The mile was short, in Italy last time, and the speed of the race was too slow. I finished only eighty. I can guarantee your beautiful shape in the morning at work. They appreciate the sand deauvillais, on the other hand. It will run well, even if many have to … "

Then we'll remember both strands Lady Sidney (11 – Stéphane Pasquier) a Kayenne (15 – Franck Blondel), who is more well-known at the level of main benefits. The lot is not unusual, they should be able to differentiate themselves, especially as they have proven themselves on this surface. Noray (6) show consistent consistency. With the help of Christophe Soumillon, he can do well at this level of competition. Third of this event last season, replenish (3- Vincent Cheminaud) is going to address this edition in an amazing shape as it continues on two provincial successes. Given the sand in England, Walking In The Sun (10 – Rob Hornby) he probably does not travel to visit Deauville. He has the best to install himself as it is Prince of the Crown (1 – Andrasch Starke). This one is difficult to judge. It takes its first steps on the soil's nature and can not disclose itself from the beginning.

Regarding the professionals gathered by the Tip Agency.

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