Thursday , August 18 2022

"There will be changes, but many players will stay"


AFP – Photo Burak Akbulut

Zinedine Zidane will be presented at today's press conference to discuss club news and tomorrow's match against Villarreal.

Iker Casillas: "First, I would like to send a message of support to the whole club. I sent him a message yesterday and he's improving. We send him a lot of strength here."

How important is tomorrow's victory? "We want to win at Bernabéu, we have a game to do that and show people that we want to finish. We like to play here. We will try to make the fans proud of all the players. The season has been complicated, as you know, but we want to play a good game tomorrow. "

Does Basel deserve more opportunities? I am the trainer and I have to make decisions. He has to train well and think about playing. Only me can't answer you for Basel or others t They are players who know where they are and the responsibility we all support. "

Can Basel play back after next season? "No"

Are you looking forward to the end of term? "It's not possible, there are three games left and we have to play them. I'm fine, the day before I was very sorry, but like everyone else." The players also don't think they live well, but sometimes you can't do anything, so bad this season, we have a game to prove tomorrow. desire to play football because that's what players like.You have to think about next season because there will be changes here, but many of them will also stay. The fans will be the same, many will players are still there and we will have to act with each other .The fans support us and we will try to get something good. "

Paul Pogba: "I've already said it's a good player, but you can talk to me about other players too and I'll answer you the same. Just that I knew it well, nothing else. I won't t I would see what will happen at the end of the season, who will arrive and who will be leaving, but I never said that we would bring Pogba. I'll never say it until things are done. "

Vinicius: He's trained and he's much better, he's ready to be a part of the group. He needed those two weeks, the time he needed and his At the age of 18, he could be my son, but I was not at all surprised at what he did, there are three games left and we will see what happens. see what we will do with him next year. "

Start the season before the season with all new recruits: "I don't know whether that will be possible. But there is no World Cup and nothing, and we will have time to prepare ourselves well. But until August 31, anything can happen."

Last three games: "I hope to win them, we want to finish well and we don't want to continue like this. We know there are teams that play a lot and it will be complicated, but we have to t Sometimes, when things go wrong, as in the last game, there is no single explanation, but a combination of mistakes and problems, but all my energy is focused on victory.

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