Tuesday , August 9 2022

There are 1,500,000 Madické debates over the press • Rewmi.com


The Minister Habib Sy, who is also the director of the Madické 2019 coalition candidate's campaign, stepped into the rejection of the situation. This follows the departure of Ndella Madior Diouf on a set of the television channel of the place, saying that Madické spent 1,500,000 FCA for journalists' support (peripheral, accommodation, catering, etc.)

"I would like to wash you with water. You made your job in difficult conditions. There was no question of money for you, you will never have money until the end of the campaign," said Habib Sy in front of the Madické 2019 coalition headquarters. From 1,500 FCFA .000 , says Mr Sy, "I believe that the person, when speaking, means that Madické Niang is one of the few candidates who use his own money, that he is heavier to him in the care there. understand it ". Therefore, he said they did not give money to journalists. It must be clear. Madické is not intended to interfere with the journalist's freedom, independence and dignity. "I have not given any loss to what I know because I'm the campaign manager. There's no attempt to give you money for the trips you're doing. It must be clear. If there is a communication error at this level, you will excuse us, "he said. And to add: "I'd like to apologize to you on behalf of Madické about these few and sometimes difficult, but inherent in an election campaign, that you have supported dignity and honor." According to him, Madické's ambition and colleagues are to continue to work with you (journalists). That should not be elsewhere, we try to understand things that have not happened. "I'm hopeful that we will continue with this campaign and that Madické Niang is elected to the President of the Senegal Republic," he concluded. For Nhaia Nhaiack Makhaly, responsible for claims at Synpics level, he said everything Ndella Madior Diouf said was a lie tissue. We have all the problems in the world in this caravan. The support was more than defective. We do not sleep, we do not eat and travel through time. Sometimes we're going down at 4am. Ndao Maguette from Source A, who lives in Mbao, is left for herself. He is responsible for his thassi at his expense, with no refund. "We are not professionals, we decided to work for our editorial staff and for ourselves, not to Madické, even if we are doing a public service. When some rumors harm our reputation, It's time to give her the best, "she said.

Zachari BADJI

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