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The euro has never been "threatened" (The Mayor) t

Paris, May 21, 2019 (AFP) – French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday that the euro "has never been threatened" because of the risk of economic crisis associated with trade wars and European leaders t wish the end of the single currency.

"There are those who, like me, believe that the euro is under threat and has never been threatened," said Le Mayor in a meeting with journalists from the diplomatic press, also talking about "the risk of over-pricing". assets and financial crisis return ".

The Italian vice-president and head of the Matteo Alliance "Salvini" is supported by Ms Le Pen, by other radical conservators in Europe and so they make a choice with clarity of merit, namely the disappearance of the euro and return to national currency, "said the French minister a few days of elections that could lead to right-wing nationalists in the European Parliament, according to elections.

The single currency is also at risk because of the "risk of economic crisis we see coming to the obvious with the trade wars between China and the United States," according to Le Mayor.

A Sino-US trade dispute came into a new era last week with a ban on technology loads to the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei.

Finally, the durability of the euro, which celebrates this 20 years of existence, is also at risk "the risk of over-valuation of assets and the return of a financial crisis", while the euro zone suffers from weak growth; to compare with the US after being out of the global financial crisis that has been shaken since 2008.

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