Thursday , May 26 2022

The death of the author Claude Péloquin


The author Claude Péloquin, who we must in particular, the words of the legendary "Lindbergh" song, populated by Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier, are left.

Claude Péloquin died from a broad cancer and Sul was a palliative care wing of the Marie-Clarac Hospital in Montreal, who announced on Tuesday his associate officer, René Corbeil, who also describes himself as his best friend and room.

The poet was 76 years old.

Claude Péloquin is also well known for telling the legendary phrase "You're not sick of a dead star star", engraved by the sculptor Jordi Bonet on the mural of the Grand Théâtre of Quebec, in 1970, to invite Quebecers to take their own destiny.


Claude Péloquin was born in Montreal, August 26, 1942. A poet, writer, singer composer, screenwriter and director, never scared to create arguments with words and words.

As an author, Claude Péloquin has written about ten books during his career. The first, "Jericho", a collection of poems, was published in 1963. More recently, the artist launched "The poet on fire" (2014) and "The fatal waltz" (2017).

In 1964, he established the improvised group "Llog Horloge", with Serge Lemoyne, Yves Hébert and Jean Gauguet-Larouche. A year later, she established Zirmate, dedicated to searching for a "total art", which is especially worthy of Expo 67.

In 1968, he composes texts for "L" Osstidcho "and comes from the hymn that will become" Lindbergh ", who will then win him the Félix-Leclerc award for the Canadian composition . Claude Péloquin also wrote about Robert Charlebois in the 80's, among others for the "Super Position" (1985) album, before moving to Bahamas, where he lived for fifteen years. He returned to live in Quebec in the late 1990s.

He wrote and directed, for the National Film Board (NFB), the "The New Man" (1969) and "Ball of Gin" document boards (1970). In 1971, he won the Canadian Film Prize, in Toronto, for the best non-dramatic scenario for a documentary, for "The New Man", who has planned with Yves André, who has a motto "You're not tired of a diesel band?" Is the driving force.

In 2009, Claude Péloquin wrote a poem that was read by Guy Laliberté's business during his space trip. However, there was a disagreement between the two men leading Laliberte to turn around and cancel his co-operation with Péloquin. The end was Yann Martel who offered the prose read by Laliberté during his journey in space. Then, the public debate mediated between Robert Charlebois, who had spoken on the subject, and former acolyte Claude Péloquin.

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