Thursday , November 26 2020

The curtain rises on the 91th edition of the Oscars

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The Oscars, February 24 in Los Angeles, is the end of the film awards season. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

The Film and Film Sciences Academy presents a total of 24 golden maps at a ceremony starting at 5:00 pm (Monday, February 25 at 1:00 am GMT) at Dolby Theater, on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame where there are hundreds Stars will step on the red carpet.

Who will be the 7,900 voting members choosing for the top "best movie" award? Rome, a letter of love in the Mexican City & 1970s, written by Alfonso Cuaron, black on white and his mother tongue? Green Book, a story about friendship between a black classic pianist and a large Italian-American arm that serves as a driver in the old right separators? Hoff, zany history and fantasy comedy about Queen Anne of Great Britain and Ireland?

The envelopes have been sealed for several days and experts are careful not to apply for betting, the competition is particularly open this year. "With eight nominees in the best movie category, everyone has its magnificent followers, but there is no consensus, summarizes for AFP Tim Gray, who follows the film awards for the specialist magazine Diversity.

Actresses and actors awarded at the Oscars. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

With ten nominations each, Rome ac Hoff certainly appear as favorites. but Green Book and a duet of actors, Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen, the movie of superheroes Black Panther, one number at the global box office last year, or BlacKkKlansman Veterans Spike Lee, are also very credible competitors to succeed Shape and water Mexico Guillermo del Toro, had crowned in 2018.

Also in the run, the biopic at the end of the band singer Queen Freddie Mercury, Rhapsody Bohemian, the one for former Vice President Dick Cheney, is, a Star is born, with Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper's cup, always able to create a surprise.

Without master of ceremonies

In the "best actor" category, two names are specially following: the Welsh Christian Ball, which can not be known in its role as Dick Cheney, and Rami Malek, who was tightly watching the Queen singer. "They are in two completely different registers"says Peter Debruge, one of Wales's leading critics Diversity.

"In Christian Bale, I can see an incredible act actor. But with Rami Malek, we have a role that has found an audience, and I would not be surprised if the newcomers wins"he said.

Glenn Close has already won the Screen and Golden Globe Actors' Guild Award. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

The category of "best actor" may be the only one this year with a clear favorite name: Glenn Close, who has already tied the rewards for her role as a woman in the distress with Y Wraig.

She'll find on her way Lady Gaga, or young actor, Yalitza Aparicio, a central character Rome, but many believe that the time has come to give Glenn Close the best "Oscar deserving".

"This is not her strongest role, but she has the opportunity to fill in the space in a small movie, worn on her shoulders to remind the industry (or the cinema) be among the actress, she's one of the treasures"says Peter Debruge.

For the first time since 1989, the Oscars will have no master of ceremonies. The academy had offered the post to the comedian and comedian Kevin Hart, but they threw the towel after the old tweets were judged homophobic.

Finally the organizers decided to do without an animator, choosing to let stars follow each other to present all the prizes and cut out the jokes of jokes and wits. The opportunity for them to walk a ceremony is considered too soft by many professionals, and comes back to three hours lasting.

Music stars will take turns on Sunday, February 24 to stop the show and defend the titles that compete in the "best song" category. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will be performing their ballad basor movie Star is born, and members of the Queen's group will be held on stage by singer Adam Lambert.

On the other hand, the rapper Kendrick Lamar and the SZA singer initially announced to represent a soundtrack Black Panther, ultimately, absent.


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