Sunday , August 7 2022

The Candidate's Hearing has been organized by Bored Bored: Idrissa Seck and El Hadji fail, Sonko and Madické respond


The hours were passed and the citizens were waiting for the four anti-party candidates who had given their participation agreement. But finally, Marren saw María and Ossmane Sonko and Madické Niang at the Douta Seck House. Coming from the four corners of the national territory, these are in Senegal of all kinds, of all ages, men and women sweeping before seeing the first candidate. Sonko arrives at 14h, then Madické Niang at 16h. Their concerns were sectoral. The farmers wanted commitments for the development of their sector, farmers asked for more protection for the cattle, the craftsmen pleaded to use locally, the traders demanded market shares and orders public and decline in imports. Although architects have claimed the right to national expertise, security agents have condemned their exploitation by the temporary agencies and unfair competition of favorable overseas companies. The "resurrection" of justice in short and social justice, careless of some candidates who display and claim their religious, brotherhood or ethnicity …

"I'm very afraid of Senegal. This could be a civil war source, this situation was on the origin of the Ivory Coast war with this famous ivory ritual", certifying Ya Fatou Badji. But the massive body of the mob who moved most to the audience was a woman with physical incapacity. In his wheelchair facing the applicant, Madické Niang, said how much she is tired of the police who trace the disabled with the complexity of the authorities. "If we elect you, what will you do for us? Are you going to find other options to begging? If not, ask our police leave in peace

Nobody wants to end, but we are reduced to that by the divine will, "she pleaded, her voice was bitter. Both candidates gave answers based on their programs and committed themselves to resolve all the problems after the election of the President of the Republic.

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