Monday , August 15 2022

Telescoping at Yoff between Cissé LO and Barthélemy: that's why there was no conflict •


Moustapha Cisse Lo a Barthélemy diaz

The image had gone around the web, the Moustapha Cissé Lo and Barthélemy Diaz caravans had met in Yoff. To the surprise of all, both men were well-known for their temperature, always ready to fight, presenting a beautiful image, a symbol of a country of peace and national harmony. The scene is not clear from where these explanations are Moustapha Cissé and all of his existing relationships with Diaz's father (Jean Paul) even before Bartholomew. "Bartholomew is my son, he's considering me his father" says Moustapha Cisse Lo


Moustapha Cisse Lo a Barthélemy diaz

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