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Tacteg / Liga – Sevilla 2-4 Barça: how did Barça de Messi win the tactical battle against Sevilla FC from Pablo Machin

In a fierce pace set by men of Pablo Machin in Sanchez Pizjuan, Barça, jointly, was disconnected safely, depending on his eternal genius to reverse a meeting that was far from winning. Here's what to remember of this duel that was won by an alien who came back to dance on the football of the planet.

Able to wear a hero and leader dress, Messi is also the one who will hide the less fantastic afternoon of his team. That is the case in Seville, where the final score is, however, without an appeal reflecting the true performance made by the Catalans. A new Batca display of Pulga saves Barça very quickly in the neck by an Andalusian team eager to create the champion against the championship leader. But here, despite the Cuban defensive armies and Valverde always convincingly convincing -like Pablo Machin more intelligent in the first phase- made Leo Messi, turning a shot star, clearing clouds.

Pablo Machin's perfect plan

56 seconds. Here's the time that the Andalusians have warned Blaugrana that the afternoon would not be so calm on their lawn. In the first half, the Catalans had to face a real headache. Very quickly, the Blanquirrojos were very aggressive and played forward with a brilliant pace of action. Pablo Machin had planned everything in the first phase and his plan was working perfectly. Although Barça's assault was based on individual enthusiasm like the Pulga, Sevilla players were totally spreading in the opponent half. The Andalusians attacked the space left by the Catalan defendants, Promes and Jesus Navas making Jordi Alba, Ben Yedder and Sarabia the impossible movements of themselves so they can express themselves and combine themselves. Pablo Machin was able to perfectly fit 4-4-2 with a low medium block, Wober-Promes and Mercado-Navas to regulate and make the game project, to 3-4-3 with Champions and Sarabia to produce excellence against Semedo and Jordi Alba. The occupation of the places in the transformations was also effective, with Promes and Sarabia able to create the game and punish Catalan defense.

Barça broke down …

Breaking in two blocks, Barca without a lack of abusive and collective animation to resist. If both teams suffer from the defensive transformations, Barça has only made the most individual mistakes, perhaps Umtiti may be back too early. Unfortunately, Leo Messi's great inspiration to save Barça's assault was created by creatures that could create a risk. Luis Suarez was unable to guarantee any quality during short movements, especially in situations where he had to be aggressive, but Coutinho is invisible in the meantime. Tactically, Valverde continues to worry about her choices. A midfielded site with Rakitic, Vidal was not convinced. Failing to catch the ball, Chile was often too high on the ground. Failing to create a place with an appropriate pass game, Barça is once again a stunning player in the game that has often faced Andalusians who are often more spiritual.

… Messi to restart the machine

After the remainder of all its resources to rise, Argentina's genius allowed a team to understand better the second phase of a meeting was staggering and technically very complicated. In the second half, the roles were slightly reversed. To surprise everyone and despite a barca more than average, the tactical duel blamed in favor of Catalan dysgeist Ernesto Valverde. After restoring in 4-3-2-1, the Catalan team is slightly more convincing. Exit Semedo a Vidal, Sergi Roberto and Dembélé have come to play to undo the fabric designed by Pablo Machin. Despite immediate response from the Andalusian team coach with Franco Vazquez's access, Seville has not long refused. A few minutes enough for Dembélé to ban the conflict defense, the French offered more opportunities for teammates and Messi Coutinho last month.

Become too shy, as if only waiting and suffering, Seville was punished by Messi from the great days. After resetting to the left, Champions became less prominent to the Andalusian game, leaving Ben Yedder and Sarabia too lonely. Renovated thanks to the head of South America, Barça went on and left no chance for his opponent. As Rakitic could go up all the ground, the Azulgrana team caught Panache the last last line of this meeting that came into force by the incredible Leo Messi inspirations. Argentina ends with this complicated duel, going as far as recovering confidence to Suarez, the author of the goal of the victory.

The monster that shows so many teams awakens the feelings, increases, but above all, he is supreme to hold his team just at the top. Barça de Valverde lost the game, but Messi, almost himself, won himself a classic.

Soledad Arque-Vazquez



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