Sunday , April 11 2021

Steph Curry’s huge warning to the Lakers!

While the Warriors are expected to be back in the title race in 2021, Steph Curry is already hot as an eel. The leader issued a major warning to the Lakers. LeBron James has been warned!

In 2021, the race for the Western playoffs should be even better. The Lakers have every intention of retaining their title, when the Clippers want revenge on everyone. In all of this, we can now add the Warriors, who no longer want to squat conference money.

With a return Steph Curry, or add Kelly Oubre Jr., without even forgetting Draymond Green, the Dubs will have some very interesting weapons. Unfortunately for them, Klay Thompson’s injury necessarily complicates things a bit.

However, nothing to intimidate Baby Face, more than ever driven by the idea of ​​sparks. The leader is hot after months of absence, to the point he wanted to issue a warning LeBron James and the Lakers. Conflict between Golden State and Los Angeles in the playoffs? We want to see this.

Steph Curry has a message for the Lakers: “It’s pretty refreshing to be the guys that have to go after a category. We know the Lakers are the outgoing champions. We have to beat them, and we’re ready for it. “

Despite losing Klay, ambitions have not changed in California: the Warriors want the title, even if the Lakers are straight ahead. It promises a nice clash between Steph Curry and LeBron James, and why less Christmas Day.

Steph Curry is not here to joke in 2021. The point guard is hot, ready to wear the Warriors to a new ring. We can’t wait to see it.

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