Thursday , August 18 2022

Statement of Thomas Tummel's love to Colin Dagba


Great first. This Friday, Colin Dagba introduced for the first time at a press conference at the Ooredoo Center. New exercise for the age of 20 who seemed shy and rarely talking to correspondents. Bethune Manor will have time to improve the person who wants to talk on the green rectangle at the moment. And he does it pretty well. This season, Thomas Tuchel has called him several times despite being a deputy. But he has integrated very well in the professional group that has already played 9 games in each season this competition. The advocate takes every opportunity to continue learning.

He also explained that he was inspired by his elderly. "I'm watching Dani Alves and Thomas Meunier to continue moving to my side post". Colin Dagba then said he would be good at Thomas Tuchel. Many are also a coach in his decision to stay in Paris Saint-Germain this winter. This is, despite the attitudes of some clubs that could guarantee more play time for him. "With the trainer, we have a good relationship, it does not trust me much, that's why I'm waiting this winter. I found solicitors but I stayed, it's also because of the trainer." A coach who appeared to go ahead of the media.

And he took the opportunity to declare his love to young Dagba. "I do not know if it's very smart to say here, but I like Colin Dagba. Indeed, there's an incredible man. It's reliable. Everyday training with the same level, good state of mind. He's doing things well. He's a top deputy. He's got the quality first, but with last year's muscle injuries, I am very careful and careful with him. Now it's a very important place for us. It's good everywhere on the left side against Manchester United. He has exercises with many qualities. It's fast, very technically, he can protect the ball, he does not lose an easy ball. He has a good understanding and a good reading. from the game. He has a good mindset. Words that have been proud of DPG Titi!

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