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Spain: Mourinho, Hierro … Iniesta manages her accounts – Soccer

Exceptionally in Japan, Vissel Kobe, Andrs Iniesta does not keep good memories of his career in his selection only. Indeed, the pre-international Spanish regrets the role played by Jos Mourinho after the 2010 World Cup and the end of his adventure with the Roja under the command of Fernando Hierro.

Spain: Mourinho, Hierro ... Iniesta r

Iniesta, regrets with the Roja.

If it was necessary to summarize Andrs Iniesta's international career (34 years) in a way, there is no doubt that its goal in the 2010 World Cup final against the Netherlands (ap 1-0) would be more than enough.

A reality for babies who made a native of Fuentealbilla a symbol of a united Spain. An integrity that has eroded in the months following the rounds in South Africa.

Mourinho's damaging role

For the live story of FC Barcelona, ​​a man has done everything to me decay the atmosphere in the Roja: Jos Mourinho. Indeed, the Portuguese, who arrived in Real Madrid during the summer of 2010, according to the aggressive midfielder, was the driver of the standard tensions between the players of the two Behemoths League for three years. He was the key element of the bad relationship , said the Kiss Vissel player for Sexta TV.

It was surrealistic. That was not the usual competition. There was a hate. He nurtured this atmosphere and was unbearable. has made a great deal of trouble in the national team and team team , regrets the old Spanish-wide international, who has succeeded in winning Euro 2012 to select despite these important fake.

End with Roja

Mourinho is the only one Iniesta agac. In fact, the four-time winner of the Champions Champions League for Fernando Hierro, an interim coach for the World Cup in Russia was appointed. The former Barcelona admits he did not understand some of his choices, which he considers controversial. What starts badly, usually ends badly , regrets at Iniesta.

I do not have good memories of the World Cup in Russia. The last game was the cherry on the cake. I did not understand the decision to leave me on the bench, nor take Hierro's arguments. It was boring, because I did not care for what he told me. All I wanted was to enter the field. I was nervous, imagine went into Iniesta, who had a painful head to La Roja as he came to the last 16th in the last World Cup.

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