Wednesday , December 2 2020

Soda "Quebec" soda chips and creams sell to Americans for hundreds of dollars

Longueuil has found a special way to make weekends meet: he sells unique drinks and snacks in Quebec for Americans for hundreds of dollars above the original price.

And in hundreds of dollars above, it's about to sell an eight-liter case of Sush Crème brand Crush for $ 150. You can see it on

In Quebec, as you know, two liters individually cost around $ 2.50. You should know that Soda Cream is transparent in Quebec while it is pink in the rest of North America.

At the same site, we also find many other types of Crush, Fanta and 7Up, which are not usually found outside Quebec or Canada, always at the same range of astronomical prices.

In general, the connection for "rare" soft drinks is related to the widely known recreational drug, which is very popular in the hip-hop world. Prepared Follow by mixing a codin syrup with a carbonated drink. So "special" soft drinks are very welcome or not available in the United States.

On, you can also buy a box of eight Ketchup Lay Tattoo Chips for $ 100.

The company regularly publishes new products that is stored in stock on its Instagram account.

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