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SN-APS orientation workshop for a fresh start for the public agency


Saly, Dec 5 (APS) – The National Society’s Senegalese Press Agency (SN-APS) orientation workshop opened Saturday in Saly, as the press organ is entering the final phase of its organizational transformation.

Minister of Culture and Communications Demba Faye’s chief of staff chaired this meeting which will bring together for two days, in Saly, the seaside resort of Mbour, APS agents, members of the board of directors as well as representatives of the RTS and ‘ r Sun.

Former APS director generals Abdou Gningue and Mohamed Joseph Henri Sarr are among the participants in these reflections, as well as experts from the Parapublic Service Directorate, from the Office of Organization and Method (BOM).

On January 17, 2018, Republic President Macky Sall requested the modernization of the Senegalese Press Agency, at a time when the APS was going through structural difficulties.

The BOM committee worked in 17 months on a strategic development plan (PSD), for the organization reorganization that would allow it to better manage its mission with this change of status.

According to Demba Faye, since then “much has been done and fast” since this presidential directive.

“It’s been a long way, but the end of the tunnel is not far,” he said, noting that APS now has a strategic development plan (PSD) to achieve goals. in the medium, short and long term.

The new legal form of the APS provides ease of use of financial resources, a new functional organization, and adequate and quality human resources, according to Mr Faye.

It considers that on this basis, the APS is called “to re-adjust its economic model, to renew and diversify its proposal. It must also work on the integral national territory network and relocate it in the sub-region” “.

“I would like to reiterate to you that the State is determined to support the Assembly Parliamentary Service”, continued Mr Faye, in announcing a “significant budget allocation”, as provided for in the Press Support Fund.

“Everything was amortized in APS”, noted general director Thierno Birahim Fall, recalling derelict computer parks and cars.

“During all these years, we have tightened the belt too much,” he added, rejoicing that a budget of 250 million CFA francs has been validated for the benefit of the APS.

The agency also plans to use a one billion subsidy to start up its network, with infrastructure in priority regions.

The institutional audit of the Assembly Parliamentary Service was undertaken and recommendations made for a fresh start to the structure.

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