Monday , January 17 2022

Security Threats and Drift on the Net: Macky asks the armed forces to continue to be protected


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MACKYYY 696×473

Fight against drifts on social networks, is the wish of the President of the Republic. The Head of State presided over this morning, the 15th edition of celebrating Armed Forces' days in the Dial Dip area.

"The internet and criminal activities have become common to all drifts, ranging from experts to impulses and verbal abuse of any kind. No person will be excluded including our religious homes. who attacked it so the foundations of our social cohesion are weakened, all of which are unacceptable, "he insists.

Macky Sall asks the armed forces not to enter these actions. "We must not produce these actions, starting with public authorities and that is what the national school of cyber-induction means with a regional profession that we have just created in partnership with France for digital security, the fight against against cybercrime and e-government, "he said.

The president also spoke of the threats to safety. With that, he decided to continue his efforts so that our defense and security forces continue to carry out their trips in the best conditions.

"The world is facing a regeneration of real or potential threats. We have to be consistent with our protection. This is the sense of the efforts made in organizational equipment and reforms, which we continue to Engage with the strategic plan of the weapons for the horizon 2025, "he said. (Actusen)

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