Thursday , August 11 2022

Saint-Louis must be inspired by this Kaffrine initiative


In Kaffrine, the company for decorating and cleaning (Sen Ecokaf), specializing in garbage collection, announces the construction of a storage and plastic waste processing unit next April, Kahi, borough. has been located on three kilometers from the capital of Kaffrine.

This initiative is the result of finding "a lot of plastic waste in our garbage collected, we decided to recycle, and this is how we signed a partnership with a company in Kaolack to improve plastic waste recycling in Kaffrine", said Abdou. Lahad Ndao, CEO of Sen Ecokaf

With this project, "all the plastic waste collected in the capital of Ndoucoumane" by Sen Ecokaf collects every month "5-6 tons of garbage in 1000 homes in the city" of the capital of Ndoucoumane. "Ecokaf Sen wants to get to grips with people's concerns especially in the sanitation and in the management and cleaning of garbage. We want to support the Head of State in his Senegal Plan which comes to us; r (PSE), "he said.

A model of garbage treatment that applies to Saint-Louis that the Commune should adopt to give a definitive end to this complex problem. Why not send a mission to Kaffrique, in internationalism dynamics, to better understand what the implications of this program are to duplicate?

This would resolve the ecological play arranged in the center of GANDON Technical Burial. As well as protecting the environment, the unit will create a dozen jobs, according to its director. It favors 12 permanent and 20 non-permanent posts.


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