Saturday , May 28 2022

Rihanna wins his fight against Donald Trump!


While the mid-term elections took place on Tuesday, November 6 in the United States, against Obama to Trump, more and more public figures are highlighted at a political level.

First, the argument was about the "bromant", now passed, between Donald Trump and Kanye West, then the many reactions to get rid of You Following reconfiguration with the current President of the United States United States. states. Among them, Carter conflicts, or Snoop Dogg.

Others demanded the importance of voting, like the Black Eyed Peas, in their track and clip "YES OR NO", where the Trump phenomenon is obviously fake. The Barbadian Rihanna singer is also among the people who are committed to the vote on his Instagram account, but also against Donald Trump.

According to the matter, he refused to find out his sounds in President's events and formalize the refusal with court, winning a legal victory over Trump, enforcing him to use the artist's music, where any incident , including its campaigns …

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