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Review of the Moroccan press


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Here's the main news on the front page of the Moroccan newspapers published on Tuesday:

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Air transport: African companies to liberalize African airborne

The main concern that operators are about continental aerial liberation. Therefore, for CEO of Royal Air Maroc, Abdelhamid Addou, this liberalization with a view to having one market is a turning point for the African flight sector. It also ensures that the project takes shape, adding to pass that there is now the capture of non-African companies on the continent. For Abdelhamid Addou, this is also a big challenge for the sector. "African companies' leaders should work to develop airport infrastructure and offer quality, new technologies, as well as a service on board," he said.

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RISSALAT AL OUMMA (Coral of the nation)

Hydrocarbons: an increase in energy consumption in 2017

The national use of petroleum products exceeded 11.6 million tonnes in 2017, or 55.9% of the national use of primary energy, reached 10.8 million tonnes in 2016. In 2017, national use Natural gas was estimated to be 1.15 billion cubic meters, compared to 1.16 billion cubic meters in 2016.

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Social dialogue: No increase without increasing pay

In the context of "blocking" the social dialogue between government and the most representative unions, Minister for Employment and Occupational Integration, Mohamed Yatim, said he was hoping for a way out of the crisis on wages and coming finding agreement with the unions. The minister emphasized that it was beneficial for everyone to continue with the social dialogue to break the injury, stating that the government hand would always be timely for the unions to find an arrangement . For trade unions, it is only according to its results that it is worth valuing socially and not by results without general wage increase. end

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