Monday , January 25 2021

Quinté + Prix d 'Alsace, Tuesday in Maisons-Laffitte. ORANGEFIELD, which is regular!

Exercise speed, the 1,100 meters, in a straight line, to the eighteen candidates to the Prix of Alsace, quinté this Tuesday, in Maisons-Laffitte. It has been confirmed in a company of this type, and the recent 3rd quinté reference, t ORANGEFIELD (photo) our choice will.

6 ORANGEFIELD : This 8-year-old plowman was third in the quinté Prix Hubert de Catheu reference, last month at Fontainebleau, dominating six of his opponents a day, and this for his re-entry. Confirmation is awaited here.

10 GLASS GLASS : For his first performance in quinté, this 4-year-old took the 4th place of the quinté Prix Hubert de Catheu, last month at Fontainebleau. After inheriting a small number in the stalls, it should repeat logically.

2 GEORGE THE PRINCE : He no longer has to prove himself in a company of this kind, posting victory and eight places in eleven straight runs. He also has two victories in four performances on the Mansonnienne Straight Line. What is worth supporting.

9 ERIA COMEDIA : This girl o Lope de Vega Go here to take part in his eighteen quintiles, proof of his experience in such tournaments. On the other hand, she had never finished more than 4th in three excursions on this cycle. An ambitious return.

7 ROSS CASTLE : At the same time last year, he won a fifth straight on the straight line of Maisons-Laffitte, witnessing not only his ability to trace but also his seasonal form. Fifth in the R race, he deserves praise.

4 MUTTRAH CRYF : Certainly, it's not been reviewed since October. However, it depends on fit stability, namely Henri-Alex Pantall, and had dominated four of his competitors of the day, during success in deauvillais quintile, last summer. Lack of trust.

11 NAAB : It made a good show until the end to keep the sixth position of the quinté + reference, Prix Hubert de Catheu, last month at Fontainebleau. It seems here he can do too. Creates trouble in power.

12 BELLCANTO : It's going to this meeting completely occupy its means. Test to the last two recorded episodes of drawbacks. Showing two fifth places in so many flights on this straight line, it will be caught in a couple.

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