Friday , August 12 2022

qualified players, Tanzania receive a parcel


The Tanzania football team qualified for the Egyptian Cup in 2019 after their 3-0 victory against Uganda. This qualification, which comes after 39 years of absence, has impressed President Tanzania John Magufuli. He promised every player a plot of land in Dodoma in the country's administrative capital.

After qualifying for the Egyptian Cup in 2019, Tanzania players were admitted on Sunday, March 24, 2019 in the home of President John Magufuli. Proud with his country's qualification after his victory (3: 0) against the Uganda team, President John Magufuli promises to offer each player a piece of land.

"For the good work you have to do, for the honor made to Tanzania by qualifying for the final phase of Egypt 2019, each player will receive a plot of land in Dodoma in the administrative capital" President John Magufuli said.

He added that Tanzania players can offer a good show to their country in Egypt and bring the cup back to Tanzania.

As a reminder, President John Magufuli gave around $ 426,000 to the under 17's team to help them prepare for the African Cup final in their category according to the information provided by the "Citizen" of Tanzania.

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