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Playoffs against Monaco: Friends of PCC Limoges


The less we can say is that it can be complicated. PCC Limoges is moving on Friday, May 24, 2019 in Monaco to play the first quarter games of the playoffs 2019. It has been complicated in many ways. First the hospital. The team will be deprived of one of their leaders. Trainer François Peronnet confirmed: Jonathan Rousselle, injured, will not travel.

We play on the way to catch the game … t

Playoffs against Monaco: uncertainty for two players from PCC Limoges
On the eve of the first quarter quarter quarter 2019 Jeep Elite Playoffs, François Peronnet announces that Jonathan Rouselle will not play. Uncertainty for Jordan Taylor.

Bad breath too: during the training this Thursday, the second leader, Jordan Taylor felt a deal. Difficult tonight to know whether he can play the game against MP Monaco.

Without both leaders, it will be difficult, but at the moment, I cannot tell you that Jonathan will not play

Another difficulty: the opponent. The players Rocher have won 16 of the last 17 games. Enough to say so the Limougeauds will have to enforce against a leading team. "If we go back, we'll be in trouble, that's certain … " t
At the press conference, the question is asked "Do the Monaco team have weaknesses?"…"[LONG SILENCE]"Then François Peronnet takes a deep breath:"They have capabilities of such a kind that it is difficult to defeat them"But for leaving a loser, no question."When we come on the pitch, we're trying to win … t"

Community Safety Partnership Limoges – François Peronnet: "Monaco is a leading team"
On the eve of the first round of the Jeep Elite games, Francois Peronnet, coach Limoges reminds the opponent, Monaco: "A team that is hard to block".

This Friday evening award. Kickoff at 19:30.

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