Friday , August 19 2022

Pinterest has filed its IPO (press)


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San Francisco (AFP)

The shared Pinterest share sharing app, which contains 250 million users, has filed quietly for listing, according to Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

It could target the end of June list and could expect a price of at least $ 12 billion, according to US business daily.

Having contacted AFP, Pinterest refused to comment.

I launched in 2010, Pinterest, based on collecting and sharing photos by interests (recreation, decoration, fashion …), has exceeded 250 million monthly users, who are outside US SUPPLIES.

It's part of the "unicorns" (unlisted companies that weigh at least a billion dollars), which should go like Uber, Leaf, Slack or Airbnb markets soon.

But Pinterest is struggling to take advantage of its content, that is, to earn money with traffic.

Pinterest plays at two stages: online trade and advertising. For example, the company launched in February 2017 an instrument that allows you to click on some of the objects, furniture, clothing or accessories that appear in a photo published on the application.

The user receives recommendations for similar items that can be purchased directly from Pinterest, or from a brand.

The application allows a pin ("pin" in English) on photo-taking tables around interests (cooking recipes, fashion, decoration, travel …)

There are many brands that use pictures of their products in an attempt to attract customers in Pinterest, at the intersection of the social network and search engine. Since 2015, you can add a "buy" button to the application.

Law in 2012 allows some startups to file their list on the US SEC, the regulator, allowing him to start raising money before making public details of his / her financial position.

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