Saturday , January 23 2021

Orange wins a 3.5 billion euro lawsuit against SFR

Orange wins a judicial war of more than eight years against SFR, which claimed 3.5 billion euros in compensation from its competitor. The incumbent operator was accused of having contracts adapted which were binding France Telecom and Numericable.

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This is the end of a very long judicial chapter in Orange and SFR. The Tribune reports that the new Cassation Court dismissed an appeal by the operator under Altice's control, which required 3.5 billion euros in compensation from its competitor. The first complaint was filed in October 2018, eight and a half years ago.

SFR-Numericable does not win against Orange

But what did SFR judge Oren for? He accused him of slowing his expansion on fiber optics in France by adjusting contracts signed by Numericable with what was then in France Telecom and which related to access to the latter infrastructure.

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In 1999 Patrick Drahi purchased cable networks from France Télécom. In the deal, it is expected that Numericable, who has since purchased a SFR, can intervene directly on these cables for repair, refurbishment or modernization, as France Telecom still has sleeves and civil engineering facilities. .

About ten years later, with the support of the State wanting to launch a major scheme for the implementation of superfast broadband in France, what has now become Orange changes unilaterally contract rules. The other operators on the infrastructures are invited to boost the usage and the access processes are being modified. Today's SFR, which is integral, then feels hurt and attacking Orange in the Commercial Court and the Paris International Chamber of Commerce. Years later, after many appeals, the operator lost his judicial war.

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