Tuesday , August 9 2022

Olivier Létang requires explanations to UEFA for backing games with Arsenal


After their 3-3 ties in Roazhon Park last week in their final finals in the Europa League, Stade Rennais has created this advantage on Thursday night against Betis Sevilla at the Benito Villamarín Stadium. And in Andalusia, the process of forming Breton beat its qualification for the next round thanks to the success of 3-1. The day after this great performance, the SRFC was waiting for its opponent in circle 16, and that will be Arsenal. But soon after the draw, the Julien Stéphan team learned bad news. Secondly, the Stade Rennais was to hold the Gunners in Roazhon Park for the second leg.

Finally, both games were rejected, Chelsea played the same day against Dynamo Kiev at Stamford Bridge. UEFA has changed the order of both meetings on its website, and the first leg will be organized at 18:55 on March 7 at Rennes. Olivier Létang's outstanding remarkable decision RMC Sports, explaining that his teams researched the topic: "Today, we accept the very obvious UEFA regulations that are against us. There is a very clear regulation, I asked my study teams. We are still in discussions, as I talk to you, with UEFA to have a number of concrete elements. "

"We will look, without creating arguments, if the texts are well respected"

What is certain is that President of Stade Rennais does not understand the decision of the European body. "The text is quite clear, not specific to London for every weekend, there are games in London, you know the number of teams that play in the Premier League So, in my opinion, something is totally unacceptable. Now, UEFA regulations are not specific to the city of London (…) Between clubs and one city, there is a site that is now favorable to Chelsea (thanks to the Cup victory last season, ed). Here too, it is unacceptable. If Chelsea has a better position than an Arsenal, they should have played their home game.it has developed.

The eighth final is a dispute in two weeks, but Olivier Létang rejects the file dragging on: "I will look, without creating arguments, if the texts are well respected. I believe that UEFA is professional enough to follow the texts that he has written to the letter. , we want to go to the end of the process because I want to go to detail and be sure that the rules are respected. After, as stated today, the games are reversed and we have to play & # 39; r goes back at Arsenal, I do not want to talk about it for hours and hours. " It's still waiting for UEFA explanations.

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