Wednesday , January 27 2021

MUSIC: "Zounouon" the first album of the artist Cristalline is available

With the official release of her debut album on Friday, March 29th in a spectacular hotel, the musician Cristalline concretizes several years of musical life formed in Ghana in 1998. "Zounouon" is the chance in Dagara's title language this first album the media men had the chance to discover through a conference for the press.

Zounouon is an album of 10 tracks full of high life sounds and Afro's beat. But his author Cristalline told us during the dedication that she wanted to make a mix with the rhythmic Dagara, to highlight this dual identity, Burkinabe and Ghana which characterized her. Dag's life "Inspiration from the high life of Ghana. The first choice of the one who was nicknamed at that time Dj Christine reminds the eternal question of love between men through the titles" Love me "and" You and me ".

There were many journalists and cultural actors to see the birth of the new musical baby Cristalline

She also sings the opportunity, with the anonymous title of the work, "Zounouon", an orphan experience and gossip fighting, the bad language with her hit "Seek for you". "Papa Nawin". Nawin, who means God in Dagara, is another title of the work that we give thanks to the heavenly father for all his benefits. In addition, it should be noted that the album is fully modeled in the Accord studio by the organizer Dakiswende Michel Zongo.

Cristalline has taken the lead to introduce his first "baby" to his countrymen to show his attachment to his country of origin and to show everyone who is still involved in the Burkina Faso music sector. In front of the journalists' cameras, the artist has suggested that she devotes her first album to her only daughter who brings her live joy to her. In the coming days, we intend to meet music lovers through shows here in Burkina and then in Ghana.

Ismael Sougrinoma GANSORE

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