Monday , October 3 2022

Moustapha GUIRASSY advises Macky SALL to: "Do not sign a contract, …"


Moustapha GUIRASSY, leader of the party Senegal United for Development (De), was the guest of the show Diano bi on the South Fm.

So the head of the South party took the opportunity to tackle the Falémé iron issue. "The president can not sign a contract for 3 months of term" the former minister announced under the Abdoulaye WADE system. Therefore, he remembered that the government had undertaken a pre-contract with the Turkish company, Tosyali.

He also said he did not have a call for tenders in the file. With this, he advises the president not to sign a contract that will engage with a country for decades without considering the context. In addition, he also called for boosting industrial fabric as the steel industry. Remaining, in the context of natural resources, it denounces that we want to export oil in the rough while we could make this refine before exporting.


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