Thursday , August 11 2022

Michael Jackson: Diana Ross defends Barbra Streisand


'; Leave Neverland; the scandalous documentary of the pop star Michael Jackson ; certainly continue to cause sleepless nights to legal offspring; King 's. If the director's aim was to make the charge; the angle of attack unlike the adopted one would not have given better results. But, to say Michael Jackson he was a pedophile, and many contemporary feelings and stars give a voice.

"Stop! In the name of love!"

With words from one of her cult songs there is the iconic Diana Ross recently celebrated GRAMMY Awards 2019, he would have paid attention to his thousands of fans. The contemporary department expressed; King's; itself in these terms Michael Jackson was an incredible strength for me and for many others "This message posted on Saturday on her Twitter account asking" In the name of Love That the allegations of possible “King” sexual deviations cease and that his artistic heritage is not overused. A similar site, though it is less dark blue and more snarling, to see it in this other star of the show's business is 'Jackson'; Barbara Streisand.

For author's; A star is born;, so many assumptions about trends Michael Jackson was the worst impact. Today's 76-year-old director, interviewed by an English press, has not gone to extremes to express his opposition to so much criticism. For her, children's witnesses who are adults today in the documentary film would be overstated and their pulling out of context.

Because, despite all the abuse they would have suffered; " They both married and both have children, so he did not kill them. "He would have said from the front, however, that he noted that evidence;Leaving Neveland'; Was certainly painful but felt a little more than sympathy with them.

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