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Dakar, 2 February (APS) – Certainly, President, Macky Sall, candidate for his succession for the 24th presidential election, is certainly the Senegal politician who can claim & # 39; The most brilliant assemblies among its generation actors.

Its entrance to the supreme office came on Tuesday March 25, 2012, the second round of the presidential elections of that year, as the end of the reign of caciques, political barriers whose paths have preceded have accorded with independence and Senegal.

Although he was running for the first time in a presidential election, he was beaten by the president leaving his ex-mentor with 65.80% of the vote against 34.20%, on After collecting 26.58% of the votes in the first round, against 34.81%.

One of many of the leaders of the mentor government Abdoulaye Wade was his nomination to oversee the fate, the current tenant of Bala and the Republic was the victory of Macky Sall. not in this context the most anticipated when the succession race reached the Pope's Sopi.

But when looking back, the president who went out this reading gave a perspective. "When I go to the earliest (April 21, 2004), I'm 42, I do not have Flamboyance Seck (Idrissa, his predecessor), but Wade has been prepared for this role by doing it I was previously not only the Internal Minister (August 2003-April 2004), but also the government spokesman ".

"The public knew me, I gave the image of a bizarre, loyal and effective man," added the president who went out in his autobiography of the "Senegal in the heart" (Cherche Midi).

Much did not bet on his chances of becoming a strong supervision, but the former president of the National Assembly had the merit of believing in his star, whose flavor had not finally been betrayed, and the defeated candidates helped in the Benno Bokk Yakkar ("United for the same hope" coalition, in Wolof).

However, in 2000, when Abdoulaye Wade, the everlasting opposition of the presidency of Abdou Diouf came into force, he was still far from being on the list of his potential successors.

Absent from the first government Abdoulaye Wade led by Moustapha Niasse, he was appointed director of the Petroleum Senegal Company (PETROSEN) from December 2000 to July 2001, after several years as head of the Data Bank department and special advisor to the President of Republic, which is responsible for Energy and Mines.

Increasing rise

Very quickly, he climbed the school, becoming Minister of State, Minister for Energy, Mines and Hydraulics (May 2001 to November 2002), then Minister of State, Minister of Interior and Communities of local authorities (August 2003 to April 2004 ). At the same time, the Vice-Chair of the Senegal Democratic Party Steering Committee (PDS) was appointed.

In April 2004, President Abdoulaye Wade appointed him First Minister, he will be in post between April 2004 and June 2007. His tour to Primature marks the launch of a number of major projects, the most obvious are & Doll motorway and Diass Airport

Outgoing President's Campaign Director, Abdoulaye Wade, who contributed to his re-election to the second season in 2007, especially against Idrissa Seck and Ousmane Tanor Dieng.

Scandalous period

But to surprise and the most informed observers, it will not be renewed at the top of the government.

The presiding officer of the National Assembly, he is called to resign from President Abdoulaye Wade. But he does not want to run. His five-year term was reduced to a year, after hearing the auditioner Karim Wade, son of former president Abdoulaye Wade at the Institute of the Islamic Conference Institute (ANOCI).

His post as Number 2 of the Senegal Democratic Party (PDS) is also being withdrawn.

After accused of laundering money and then launching it, he left himself from the PDS and created his own political party, the Republic of the Alliance (APR), a way of making a date for the 2012 presidential elections.

O And-Jëf i PDS

He was born on Fachick 11, 1961 at Fatick, Macky Sall, who was also raised in the Fouta, rubbed shoulders with Maoists from Kaolack High School, then at Cheikh Anta Dipp University in Dakar. He is a soldier within And-Jëf. But soon, there are differences between him and the leader of Landing Savané who recommends the 1983 presidential election boycott, while recommending the penalty of the Socialist Party (PS).

Now claiming to be liberal in the heart – his voting to the Senegal Democratic Party in 1988 – joined PDS after gaining his engineering geology degree. Later he becomes president of PDS operators.

On his election as a maximum lord, he began to implement his development program of the name "Yoonu Yokkuté in Wolof" (True voice of development).

Enterprise failures

Following this program, the 2014 Campaigning Senegal Scheme (PSE) launched several initiatives: General Health Cover (CMU), Family Safety Scholarships, Emergency Community Development Program (PUDC), Urban Pole Negotiation, Modernization Program City, among others.

Not to mention the projects carried out by the Head of State and who have the aim of achieving self sufficiency in rice.

The Train Express Regional (TER), which is one of the most significant projects, needs to connect Dakar to a new city of Dormatization where many infrastructures have already come to an expense, Under his leadership,: Abdou Diouf International Center (CICAD), major transporter railway station, national interest market, ministerial areas, industrial park …

But his opponents and competitors to get rid of public debt are accused of his opposition and opposition to giving public debt to "systematically exploit" to loans to fund their projects, which is # 39 ; defending it, arguing that Senegal has a low / CMC debt ratio and strong macroeconomic foundations. It justifies the usefulness of its projects and defeats the critics of those who see them as prestigious expenses.

It seems that he has taken the option to compensate for the hostility of a part of the political organization through the connection to the field, which is a great deal for himself who presents himself as "Senegalese of synthesis, Pulaar of a serene culture ", for being born and rising in Fatick, the capital of that natural region, the stronghold of this last ethnic group.

Speaking Wolof, Sereer, Pulaar, French and English, he travels in the country through "economic trips" and devolved ministerial councils.

Until the last days before the election campaign, the number of trips for the Kaolack port dredging, the TER opening, increased the re-establishment of 10 regional airports, highway opening. Macky Sall has adhered to the end to improve his record.

Waves of critics

However, despite the "big dancing" whose supporters have made the country, it remains a target of criticism from its political opponents.

The re-announcements include "his respect" his promise to reduce his period of office from seven to five years, "break the freedom to show", "eliminate political opponents" through justice, state lifestyle and the size of government.

Attendance of family members also attracts the inflammation of the judges who also assault the management of the allocation of oil and gas audit licenses.

His fighters also accused him of preparing an electoral competition, after the application of law enforcement and sponsorship law that led to the elimination of a number of candidates in the presidential race.

Critically distant judges from the pavilion tenant Avenue Léopold Sédar who focuses more on his record. Confidently in his first round victory, he was tied for a few weeks to launch construction sites and establish an infrastructure.

His way to focus on his subject and to repeat his competition in 2012, when he chose to abolish Dakar's streets in the June 23 Movement against the authentication of Abdoulaye Wade's candidature to a second mandate, to travel to the country and convince voters.

But if we believe the media and analysts, the danger to the outgoing president is to believe that the game is played in advance. He must stop it from believing that.

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