Friday , February 26 2021

"Malaterre", the Grand RTL Award and the comic strip 2018

RTL Grand Prix of the comic strip 2018 was awarded to "Malaterre" by Pierre-Henry Gomont, published by Dargaud last September, among the albums that have already been designated "BD RTL per month" by the radio . The album is "A cool family that brings us back to experience as a parent or a child", according to RTL. Pierre-Henry Gomont asks this central question: can we all admire and collect a parent We laugh, we cry, we're gluing to a great movieadds the radio. "Malaterre" says Gabriel Lesfaff's fate, lovely bourgeois freedom and not a supportive authority. A marriage has failed and three children later, leaving Africa with two elderly people with their father's financial problems, heres to a zone that can not control it, and its lack of drinking.
The Grand RTL Award for Comics 2017 was awarded to "La terre des fils" by Gipi published by Futuropolis.

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