Thursday , January 20 2022

Maissane (La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6) was accused of abusing Photoshop, internet users do not recognize her in this picture


Maissane from La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6 is completely transformed in this picture! Internet users don’t know it and let it be known …

We told you about it on melty, Illan is getting closer to a candidate of 10 perfect 4 couples in Dubai, and these images suggest they might be in a relationship! For his part, Maissane participated in the filming Villa of Broken Hearts 6 having been an emblematic candidate 10 perfect couple 4 aired a few weeks ago on TFX. The young woman revealed in I marseilla in the Caribbean her repartee and humor were quickly noticed, making her a much-appreciated candidate by Internet users! However, this new photo posted on Instagram is far from unanimous …

On this Instagram post where the young woman did a product placement, many comments noted that Maissane abused Photoshop and lost a lot of weight, becoming unrecognizable: “Wesh the filters must seriously stop”, “You have too thin a wesh”, “The photoshoped outlines are a care”, “She looks like everything except herself, the TV and the pictures are different, too bad it’s better on TV “Maissane responded to some of his abstraction, confirming that he had done 1 hour of Photoshop to achieve this result ! Also check out here all of Bryan’s revelations of 10 Perfect Pair 4 about his relationship with Dita.

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