Wednesday , June 29 2022

"Macky Sall decided to invent the deal of amnesty"


The intention that Macky Sall was loaned to give Karim Wade and Khalifa Sal an amnesty as long as he was re-elected, honorably Abdoul Mbaye. If the information is given by Young Africa correctly, "cit would mean that Macky Sall had decided to invent the amnesty bargain from an invasive deposit for the direct benefit of the one who gave it: do not fight with me in the next elections that I give; I am amnesty, or help me to be re-elected and I'll give you an amnesty The president of the Citizenship and Work Alliance (ACT) said on his facebook page.

Even protecting the opponent, The amnesty given in exchange for the benefit of the public is practice that, among other things, provides information that is useful to an investigation into crime protection. He also helped organize the departure of heads beating their people. "

" And we who thought we've already seen all the colors in the name of frustration for a second season! , Stateing the former First Minister who denotes " treat the right to amnesty By Macky Sall « for his immediate and personal benefit, is frightening in the face of law and ethics. "

With this in mind, I expect to Denominate the Presidency of the Republic The " What is one of the other "false news" that we know are not unique to social networks that we are about to reach. "

Failing with that, he says, " if it's not a panic issue, the people of Senegal and those in question will have to pray that a second term of office will restore the President-elect his lost sense of & The word we've been familiar with. "

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