Saturday , May 28 2022

Macky and Lionel announces Laba Sosseh singer through film …


" The Master Laba Sosseh, the history of the largest African salsero », is the film document title, which is filmed, in West Africa.

A project, informing Rfi, has funded by two friends, Senegal's musician, Macky Sylla and Swiss Lionel Bourqui. Who lived and grew up with Laba Sosseh's music, this important musical character.
So they want to inform younger generations, the story of this huge singer, the first major star of African music, the Afro-Cuban music voice of the 60s until his death in 2007.

Both friends have discovered pieces of Laba Sosseh's history, including his first love "Seyni", his most beautiful song, back to them. Releasing their film, legacy for younger generations, has scheduled for summer 2019.

After Senegal and Gambia, Macky Sylla and Lionel Bourqui will go to Ivory Coast where Laba Sosseh had lived ten years.

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