Thursday , June 30 2022

M. Pokora: From a boy band member to a sexy and muscular singer, his evolving look


In 2003, Mr. Pokora charmed viewers for the first time on the show Pop stars with her beautiful blue eyes and very elaborate choreography. After winning the show with Otis and Lionel thanks to his group Linkup, the artist decided to embark on a solo career in 2004. For his style, he chose to choose from bad boy. Big bling chains, XXL sweatshirts and luggage … Mr. Pokora never forgets to adorn himself with huge diamonds like an earring. “In my defense, I was 18, I had just started in the profession, the stylists around us said: ‘You have to put this on, it’s too good!‘”, he admitted Gala in 2015.

After the rapper phase, the singer begins to choose a more elegant style. Often compared to Justin Timberlake, Mr. Pokora lets his hair grow and even dares the degraded with curls on top of the head (to resemble the American singer, no doubt) . Jeans with a chain, sneakers and half-open shirts to better show off his torso, Mr. Pokora is also starting to afford a lot of tattoos. On the music side, the artist released several successful titles such as She manages me, Showbiz, Not without you, Just a picture of you, To our actions that failed, Waiting for the end, Just a moment or We’re here. On an international level, Mr Pokora records audio in English, Dangerous, produced by Timbaland.

Determined to use his charm to seduce his audience, Mr. Pokora then tried many hair colors including blond and platinum. Now the 35-year-old singer has become the father of little Isaiah (born of his relationship with Christina Milian). He adopted a wiser style by returning to his natural color: chestnut. He also dropped his legendary “crew neck” from the 2000s for a “three-day beard” effect. Having become very athletic, Mr Pokora has also built a body and has a body worthy of the mightiest Greek gods. The singer recently shared his workout on November 22, 2020 on Instagram. And … how to say? The images speak for themselves …

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