Tuesday , May 24 2022

Liverpool holds pressure on Manchester


This Saturday, Manchester City won a relatively easy against the Etihad Stadium against Watford with a raheem sterling hat (3-1). As a result, Pep Guardiola took a four-point advantage over the first assault in Liverpool. Although the title race seems to be played in favor of the Reds a few weeks ago, Skyblues has taken over and today's meeting between Liverpool and Burnley in Anfield Road could seal the fate of this 2018-2019 edition of a championship England.

Initially, we were afraid of players Jürgen Klopp. Liverpool's players were struggling in the races or in the dues, and they were going to fund an incredible goal. Westwood took a corner of the right hand side and sent the leather straight to the back of the net. Red supporters can protest because Burnley player appears to keep Alisson and prevent him from going out to catch the ball (0-1, 6th).

Mohamed Salah can not succeed

It was becoming more and more complicated for the Manchester City dolphin. But in less than half an hour they would come back. Mohamed Salah, who appeared in legs, flooded on the right side and crossed in a cut. Heaton could not catch the ball that reached Firmino who pushed him to the empty net (1-1, 15th). But the fault would be found soon again. On Burnley's great clearance, Lallana refused the leather while fighting. He returned to Salah's feet, which he lost to the duel. However, the ball returned to Sadio Mané's feet that drove it into the bud (2-1, 29).

In the second half, Klopp's men were not really in danger and tried to score Mohamed Salah, who had not scored for three meetings (four with one). On a ball, Egypt went alone to the goal, but was caught by a defender, Taylor. The ball returned to Firmino who was just pushing the nets (3-1, 68th). Sadio Mané could give more team guides, but the ball hit the cross (82 & # 39;). At the stopping time, Gudmundsson closed the gap (3-2, 90th + 1). But Mane wanted to go there too. So, at the top, the Senegalians were launched by Sturridge. He was going to dribble Heaton to score his goal (4-2, 90th +3). With these winners of hosts, Liverpool keeps hope in the title race.

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