Wednesday , March 3 2021

LDC-Liverpool: Judgment Saddam Mané PSG

XALIMANEWS: A few hours away from Liverpool Fc games against PSG, Reds Winger Sadio Mané (26, 4 games and 1 LdC 1-season goal) said on the quality of his opponent.

According to Maxifoot, the international Senegal is highly appreciated of PSG, and does not want to reduce the series of 14 awards in 14 days from Ligue 1 Paris.

"For me, Paris, here is the best level of Premier & Chelsea clubs, Manchester City or United, explaining Mané in the Lights of Equipe. I know you, French, sometimes & # 39; do not mention your Ligue 1 negatively, like: It's too easy for Paris. I do not agree. I think Paris players win a great streak . People do not realize how much weight they have: at the slightest draw, we would fall on them … I insist: I respect the PSG players a lot, "says Sadio Mané.

Poorly, according to the English press, Mané is announced uncertain about this vital game of Group C.

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