Friday , February 26 2021

Khoudia MBAYE encourages working in the agreement

"We all fight together for the benefit of the country, I believe we are all in the same boat and we must all work to raise Senegal to the rate of the countries that are in the country. came to President by 2035 ", he urged, answering questions from Parliamentary members when considering his department's budget.

The budget allocated to this ministry department for the 2019 control has set the 25 billion 701 million 135,000 500 FCFA, versus 9 billion 488 million 970,000 FCFA in 2018.

CFAF, therefore, increased 16 billion 212 million 165,000 400, in absolute value and 170.85% in relative value.

"I do not say that everything is best in our country, but I say, since 2012, we have registered a qualitative hint," said Khoudia Mbaye.

He noted that Senegal was quoted today as one of the most emerging countries in Africa. "We do not say it's enough, but we say we have to get very fast, and I think we've accelerated the speed," he said.

Khoudia Mbaye says that his department has put himself rigorously to improve the business climate, to attract foreign investors who are "secured". "We intend to continue with these efforts," she promised.

The Investor Promotion Minister also ensures that Senegal has recorded results in the content of analytical documents and the development of information and communications technology.


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