Thursday , August 11 2022

Kenya Airways holds orders with Boeing


Kenya's national airline is not planning to cancel orders for the Boeing 737-800 Max, the authorities are warning.

Kenya Airways plans to order up to 10 aircraft worth around 120 billion shillings ($ 1.2 billion). "The only option we have designed is the Boeing 737-800 Max, as this will make it easier for us to train and maintain the plane," said Michael Joseph. Chief Executive Officer from the national company, in an interview with the Daily Business Daily.

Subsequent announcement by Garuda Indonesia. Indonesia Carrier was the first in the world to publicly announce that it had eliminated 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 for 600 billion shillings ($ 6 billion), noting that passenger confidence had lost both accidents.

The latest accident is the Ethiopian Airline plane crash from neighboring Ethiopia, which killed 157 people on 10 March. This did not prevent the Ethiopian airline from reaffirming its confidence in Boeing, as many countries had flown aircraft from the American giant's aeronautics workshops.

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